About Dr Alex

Dr Alex Dawson (Osteopath)

Master of Osteopathic Medicine

B. Clinical Science (Osteopathic Studies & Human Structure & Function)

B. Arts (Hons. Philosophy)

I’m here to provide the expert advice & personalised care to suit your needs & goals!

Alex was raised in Byron Bay and completed his Master of Osteopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University. 

For Alex, becoming an osteopath finalises a long journey of learning about human structure and function, as well as holistic health modalities. His osteopathic studies were greatly complemented by his previous training as a yoga teacher, as well as an undergraduate degree with honours in philosophy from the University of Sydney. Alex now draws upon these experiences to enhance his clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills. 

Alex wants to provide you with comprehensive support to guide you on your health journey from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be. He is comfortable performing both direct and indirect manual therapy modalities, in combination with exercise and rehabilitation advice, to provide a treatment approach that suits your needs and goals.

Alex is excited to be practising as an osteopath at BOMI Health to support the well-being of this wonderful and vibrant community. Alex is greatly looking forward to working with you and would love to answer any questions you may have regarding osteopathic medicine, manual therapy, or holistic health practices.